Kitchen Table Concept Comes With Built-in Plates 1
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The round table in the images below impressed me not only with the overall design but also with its out-of-the-box simplicity. In case you’re always ready to invite your friends and family to one of your already famous meals then this table concept should come to your aid. The table’s surface is actually made out of built-in (but removable) ceramic plates ready to dazzle your guests while they’re in the process of experiencing your next culinary creation. Your kitchen would therefore be blessed with such a dinner table, but make sure you don’t drop any of those plates when it’s time to wash them. And from the looks of these pictures below, at least one functional table has been built already so we’ll be waiting for it to arrive in furniture stores at some point in the future.

Kitchen Table Concept 1.jpg
Kitchen Table Concept 2.jpg

Kitchen Table Concept 3.jpg
Kitchen Table Concept 4.jpg