Renowned designers James Irvine, Konstantin Grcic and Jasper Morrison have come together for a new project for the Italian stone company Marsotto Edizioni. The collection consists of furniture made solely from CNC-cut white Carrara marble since the idea is to pay homage to this historic material that was also a favorite among the ancient Romans and Greeks! Nothing exudes class like well done stone and it offers a timeless look and appeal that no other material can and the uniqueness of every piece makes it all your own. I especially like the useful nature of the collection with the small accessory tables, magazine racks and the leaning bookcase is pretty cool too. If you are into natural stone to accentuate your interior design, take a look at some great looking Marble Floors here.

Marsotto Edizioni White Italian Marble Furniture
Italian Marble Marsotto Edizioni Side Tables
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