It did not take long for the furniture industry to take inspiration from the “green” concept of renewable materials and adopt bamboo as a highly used material in today’s production. Not that bamboo is a new material by any means, but lately its use as furniture and flooring as escalated in proportion to any other material. Modern Bamboo “combines classical simplicity with innovative design, offering furniture and custom design work in Bamboo and reclaimed wood using the latest manufacturing techniques that embodies elegant functionality, seamless detail, and timeless craftsmanship”. Designer Anthony Marschak has two stylish seating designs that really show creativity and offer multi-functional options. The Becca Stool has a lightweight sled base and can be used with or without a cushion and also performs beautifully as a side table or stacked to form a dramatic shelving element. 30″L x 15.5″H x 15″W $600 US The Spring Chair which offers a flexible “spring effect” thanks to the strength and flexibility of bamboo, and provides a unique respond to the weight and movement of each individual. This curvaceous dining chair is a single sinuous ribbon of 100 percent laminated bamboo, gently contoured and tapered to fit the body. 37″H x 21″D x 17″W $700 US Modern Bamboo produces both of these items in a cherry, amber, and ebony stain in the USA.


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