The Ghost Dining Chair from Kartell is a Clear Choice

The Ghost Dining Chair from Kartell

Very few companies take on such bold design as Kartell in not only residential but commercial furniture design. Kartell is probably the only company that has a specific division that researches raw materials like polypropylene, polystyrene, and polyethylene for use in not only the world market but their own dining chairs and other furniture lines.

This allows the quality control to be very high as they are in all stages of production The dining chairs from Kartell have a very unique look and can almost always be identified at first glance.

The Louis Ghost dining chair is appropriately named when shown in the most transparent version but still makes a cool statement despite its see-through quality. The Louis Ghost chair shown here is perfect as a dining chair or in an office environment or any modern setting seating is required.

One nice feature is the stackable design that is a definite space saver. Kartell has been a leading modern furniture designer based in Italy that has produced some outstanding original works for all areas of the home and office.

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