Lectura Cowhide Lamp by Valenti
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Looking for a standalone lamp whose beauty compares to none? Get the Lectura Cowhide Lamp. Just as its name implies, it is made of cowhide. It is wrapped with layers of natural cowhide from top to bottom. It takes traditional design to a whole new level and is perfect for those who appreciate unusual design. Since the natural markings on hides vary, no two lamps are alike. You can pair Lectura with a contemporary furniture piece for a surprising focal point.


Add Interest with the Lectura Cowhide Lamp by Valenti


How do you spend your evenings? Curled up with a good book, chatting with friends on social networks, or helping your child with his homework? No matter your activity, the Lectura Lamp by Valenti makes a good companion. It provides task lighting and can change the style of a room in an instant. It will help you to carry out your tasks with ease. The lamp is small in size and takes up only a little square footage. It is a must-have for all lovers of contemporary design.


contemporary lamp made of cowskin


If for nothing else, get the Lectura Lamp for its beauty. Its striking cover will be the topic of many interesting conversations. Your family members will enjoy showing it off to their friends and your friends will want to know where you bought it. Nothing brightens up a room like great lighting, and nothing brightens up a light fixture like a beautiful cover. The Lectura Cowhide Lamp has both features and will add extra sizzle to your space. It will brilliantly solve your design dilemmas.

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