11 Floor Lamp Ideas Just Right for a Contemporary Home

11 Floor Lamp Ideas

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Lighting is such a key element in any setting making floor lamp ideas an important accessory to consider when outfitting a home. There will always be situations that require adequate illumination to perform basic tasks such as reading newspapers, perusing through magazines, sewing or typing on a laptop.

The basic fact is that people need to see what they are doing. That is where these accessories are so helpful. Ceiling installations and sconces offer a great baseline of lumens in a home, but there is a need to have more portable sources that can be moved around and adjusted, as the furniture layout changes in a room.

So what will go next to your favorite sofa or chair?  It could very well be a side table, but if you wish to not have one or lack the space, then consider one of these eleven examples from this article.

Black Floor Lamp with Brushed Nickel Shade

Above we see such a classic shape combining two brilliant colors in any contemporary home. Brushed nickel is wonderful and so versatile because it goes with almost anything and never becomes outdated. The shape of the black base is petite and stylish, much like a vase.

This piece fits great in the room.

Tall Lamp Make of Narrow Wooden Slats

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Arched Wooden Floor Lamp With Small Shade

Whereas this seems like a simple look, think again.  A solid block of wood can be very costly and meticulously crafted by an artisan. There are small wheels underneath the base if you look closely. That shows to me that this large object must have outstanding balance, and some precision had to be used during construction.

Three Skinny and Elongated Contemporary Floor Lamps

Floor Lamp Ideas in Room With Window

Five Shades Floor Lamp in Living Room

What a fun set of five shades and the varying directions the metal is moving in. This draws the eye of any visitor to this living room. The colors are neutral making this even a larger statement piece in this person’s home.

Designer Glass Shade Lamp on Wooden Legs

Pair of Black and Yellow Lamps

Driftwood Inspired Lighting with Black Shade

Perhaps it is driftwood or tree roots that make up this fun design. Next to a storage cabinet it occupies the corner, attracting attention from any guest that walks into the room.

Combination White Plastic Seating with Lamp

Metal Lamp Overhanging Sofa and Wall Mural

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