Mod Style Seating: The Spun Chair by Thomas Heatherwick

It’s not often we find a furnishing that provides not only a perfect place to sit and a stunning focal point to look at, but also perhaps a core workout as well.  But that’s the case for Thomas Heatherwick’s Spun chair, which produces a triple threat of function, fashion and maybe even fitness.  Originally debuting as a plastic molded seat in 2010, the more recent version features a steel and copper exterior.  Clearly taking quite a bit of care to make, the sculptural chair’s production is a triumph of imagination and engineering combined.  Combining clever creativity and classic craftsmanship, the latest incarnation was produced specifically for London’s Haunch of Venison gallery.  Per Heatherwick: “Each chair is assembled from six metal spinnings, welded together and polished to produce a single unified form with a leather trim inlaid into the weight bearing rim.”  Far shinier and more regal — although equally whisper-worthy — than the plastic molded version that came before it, this mod style seating option is a perfect conversation piece, if not a waist-whittler.


The Spun Chair by Thomas Heatherwick


spun chair


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metallic chair


Photo credits: Heatherwick Studio