What Slice of the Sofa Do You Want? 1
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As the name of the sofa below suggests, today’s sofa can be split into at least two similar slices that would act as two independent seating solutions for your small home. In fact this Slice Sofa is a modular seating arrangement for your living room that will offer you four modules, a footstool and plenty of customization. The Slice Sofa will comes with a hard outer shell and a soft inside or exactly what you’d expect of any sofa. Furthermore the Slice Sofa can be shipped with your own custom made upholstery and those cushion covers are removable for easier cleaning. Anyone particularly interested in the Slice Sofa?

Slice Sofa 1.jpg
Slice Sofa 2.jpg

Slice Sofa 3.jpg
Slice Sofa 4.jpg
Slice Sofa 5.jpg
Slice Sofa 6.jpg