There is nothing like the constant love and affection from a dog. Their love is unyielding, they don’t have bad days, and they love you despite what you have done. We all know how great a companion they can be. The challenge comes with combining dogs into your living space. A good majority of dogs live inside our homes and thus require us to create a habitat in our home that is suitable for their living. At the same time, you want to create the home of your dreams featuring the decor that you have always dreamed of.
Well there are a few luxury indoor dog houses that may help you create that living space for your dog while not upsetting the balance of your decorating. DenHaus offers three models of dog houses that are designed to fit this niche. Their slogan is, “homes for pets, designs for people”. Their larger slogan is, “Living room quality furniture that brings your pet back into the family”. I think that is fitting when I first came across their three models of pet housing: TownHaus, ZenHaus, and BowHaus. These models cost from $399-$565 depending on the size that is ordered.
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Townhaus Pet Furniture
ZenHaus Pet Housing