Lighting can totally change the look and feel of our environment. It sharpens our senses, brings on emotions, and aids communication. When looking for furniture that incorporates lighting, get the Kami ichi chair & sofa by Slide. The furniture pieces can be fitted with LED lights or energy saving bulbs to create a unique atmosphere. Get the chair and sofa with lights and watch them transform your living space at nighttime. You can even dim the room lights to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. While the seat and sofa have a lovely design on their own, the lighting gives them a charming atmosphere that is simply unmatched.

The Kami Ichi chair and sofa by Slide are the masterpieces of French designer Marc Sadler and are inspired by Origami, the age-old Japanese art of paper folding. They are made using the original origami technique which is comprised of numerous cuts and folds and not the modern one which uses a few cuts and folds. The design merges abstraction and essential features that complement the elegance of proportions and simplicity. The chair and sofa are made from polyethylene through a rotational molding technique. They are available in a lacquered finish to provide bolder and brighter colors for your home.

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The chair and sofa’s fine elegance and unmatched quality allow for easier integration into any kind of space. Get them for your living space and transform the area from dull to stunning. Don’t you agree that the Kami ichi chair and sofa will beautifully complement your home?