When you think about your ideal kitchen how do you picture it?  For me it’s a wide open space with minimalist design and a combination of contrasting colors.  Having a place for each and every single thing inside spacious drawers with compartments.  Matching stylish modern furniture is a must to create a harmonious atmosphere.  And of course lots of cool hitec appliances (but we’ll talk about those some other time).

Am I asking too much?  Perhaps.  But then again my “ideal” is someone else’s “real deal”.

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Industrial designer Olga Kalugina presented us a few years ago with an award winning modular concept of a cook table, which exactly matches my idea of stylish modern furniture for my dream kitchen:  the Accordion Folding Cook Table.


Accordion folding cook table


This accordion-like folding table is designed to save us from the complexities of time and space.

Containing two, three or four functional modules you can configure them according to your needs.  When unfolding the table you’ll have access to a set of triangle boxes placed between the modules of the table.  Two food drawers on each side of the table are topped with plastic covers that can be turned upside down and used as cutting boards.  And you can even use one of the drawers as a temporary bin by dropping the remains straight down into the box for an instant clean finish.


Accordion folding cook table


But even the smart functionality of the table couldn’t distract us from its striking design and the clever color combination.  Are you the green, blue or yellow type?


Accordion folding cook table


All in all the Accordion Folding Cook Table is the archetype of adjustable design concept for practical and sleek spaces.

Photo source: OlkaDesign