Decorative Window Film for the Home or Commercial Business 1
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A reader asked if we could touch upon our experience using decorative window film. We do not have a lot of experience using this technique, but perhaps our other readers can offer their insights. I searched around and found many pictures on the internet. I must confess that many of them were very bad! Decorative window film seems to fall into two categories. One where a frosted film is used to add privacy or provide accent touches to windows. A good privacy example is where the bottom six feet of a window is frosted so pedestrians on the street cannot see in and disturb the privacy of a commercial business. The second category was examples where a window was completely covered up with another design. Often times this was done on purpose to effectively “kill” the window from being able to look outside altogether. There were other samples I ran across where a large image was used to add a unique design, but typically it was for a large bank of windows and most of the remaining windows were not covered by decorative window film. Image source: TorontoGlassFilm.

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