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The Jura Capresso machines are for coffee lovers and those that want serious appliances in their kitchens. Made in Switzerland, this model is the Ena 5. Probably, the greatest challenge for shoppers is the high entry point for these machines, where the Ena 5 is priced at $1,199. You are probably thinking that you could have a lot of Starbucks for that much money! For those that are coffee-aholics, the Ena 5 features the slimmest design in “bean to cup” models currently in the market. This Jura Capresso model has all the typical features such as automatic bean grinding, timers, beverage choices including coffee or espresso, and great looks. They have also added two models with colors as you can see in the picture. The red and black siding models may help you blend this in with your other kitchen appliances.

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Jura Capresso
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