Apaya Collection: Designer Ayala Serfaty Goes Organic 1
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With the Apaya Collection, renowned designer Ayala Serfaty avoids taking the current trend of bright hues and boy are we thankful for that. Designed in conjunction with textile artist Irit Dulman, the collection consists of stunning sculptured wool lighting pieces that dazzle (pun intended) with their ingenuity. Paying homage to organic forms, the collection may feature elemental iconographic commentary such as the essence of male and female, however it is not pretentious. The play of light and shadow makes us really covet the collection and you also can check out the Apaya Collection at the trade fair LIght+Building in Frankfurt, Germany, on 10 April 2010.

Apaya Collection of Organic Lamps.jpg
Apaya Collection by  Ayala Serfaty.jpg