Looking for a bench that perfectly combines design and innovation? Look no further than the Live M1 bench by Belta. It has a LED lighting system that connects with the surrounding area to create original effects. The bench’s lights react to sound and change color according to the tempo of music. As they change, they create different moods. The Live M1 bench has programs that allow you to create various kinds of dynamic lighting. The bench looks good in both commercial and residential settings and will beautifully adorn hotel receptions or modern living rooms.


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The Live M1Bench by Belta: Illuminating Your Interiors

Unique seating solutions


You can create different seating arrangements with the Live M1 bench by Belta. It has modules which are joined by lateral anchorages that allow you to take it apart when you want to. The piece is the creation of design house Dsignio which came up with the idea of incorporating illumination into the fabrics of our everyday lives. It comes in a choice of colors and is ideal for different types of interior settings. It has an ergonomic shape that offers superior support and comfort.


different seating arrangements

seating design ideas


If you’ve been looking for a new bench and want one that’s stylish, modern, and comfy, the Live M1 bench makes an excellent choice. It looks good in a living room, home theatre, or any other indoor space. Consider it for your residential or commercial setting and transform the area for good. Where will you place your Live M1 bench, in your home?