Getting Your Kids Organized

Children are great joys to have but when it comes to their areas and supplies things can become a bit cluttered and unorganized for the entire household.

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But fret not, there is a solution to this issue.  In most cases, there isn’t enough storage space for all of their items such as toys, clothes, books etc.

Another problem is there is no creativity or passion when trying to organize your children’s room it is more like a chore.

Well whatever the problem is we have solutions for you, just look below and become inspired.

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Helping your Kids Get Organized this New Year

Helping your Kids Get Organized this New Year

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Assess your kids’ room with them:

Each child is different and will therefore have different needs when it comes to organizing their space.

Take an evaluation of the child’s lifestyle.  Do they play sports or are in the band?  Are they into the more scholarly path?

Find out what can be stored in the mudroom, garage or need shelving.  Just like you, the lifestyle of the child will determine what needs to stay and what needs to go.

You can even opt for donating some of your child’s things to charity; allow them to help you choose what needs to be given away or stay.


De-clutter the common areas:

The children’s area isn’t the only place around your home that may need to be re-organized.

Try restructuring some of the outside areas as well.  Places like your entryway, utility room or mudroom for the children to hang their coats, hats, backpacks, and shoes.

Set in shelving, cubbies with pullout baskets, hooks and perhaps even a bench to help the children to remember that they have a set place for their belongings to be and be remembered for the next day.


childrens organization closet

Image via: Organized Living

Have fun organizing:

Even though the goal is to have a clean and orderly space for your children’s area, remember that it is a children’s area and it doesn’t have to be like a museum of untouched items.

Show the kid’s personalities within the space by adding in colorful storage bins for them to put their items in.  Or perhaps decorative ways to separate their school workload like colorful folders or novelty shelving.


Display their work throughout your home:

Within the organization for your children, take some of their artwork that they have created from years past and display it around the common areas within your home.

Consider places such as a prominent wall or area within your living or dining room.  You can frame your child’s work and post it up like a gallery.

Or go for more of the set up that just enhances whatever room it is in.  Organize the artwork by color, size or style to help fit your existing décor.


kids organized shelves bedroom

Image via: Organized Living


When you are organizing your children’s area it is more about bringing order and structure to their belongings and growing lifestyle.

It may seem like their designated area may be the main focus for them however it is not the only place that they will inhabit.  So you want to keep areas like the front entryway, living and dining rooms, and their individual rooms fun and inspirational to them, as well as neat.

So take a look at the tips above and see how they work out for your children’s room.