Coat hangers come in different shapes and sizes and choosing the right one can be a difficult task. When you want the best, consider the Comeback coat hanger by Johanson Design. It will help you to stay organized and protect your clothes. Designed by Johan Lindstén, it has three arms that look like boomerangs positioned on a slender, standalone pole. The arms have six pegs where you can hang different clothing items. The Comeback hanger is tilted at an angle and makes a lovely display for your coats, caps, and scarves. It comes in a choice of colors and its arms have a black hue.


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Minimal Organization: Comeback Coat Hanger by Johanson Design

Sculptural design


Sculptural enough to stand out on its own, the Comeback coat hanger by Johanson Design is both simple and elegant. It is a lovely and practical accessory for your household. If you are in the process of reorganizing your master bedroom suite or coat closet, replace your old coat hanger with this chic hanger and present your clothes in the best light.


simple green Coat Hanger

simple orange Coat Hanger


Keeping your modern accessories in order can be challenging if you have many clothes and coats. That’s where the Comeback coat hanger comes in. It is a lifesaver for homes with small closet space. While any coat hanger can keep your clothes free of wrinkles, some do a better job than others. This coat hanger is one of them. It will help you to save valuable space with its beautiful slender form. What new wardrobe item could you adorn with this innovative coat hanger?