The Haute Couture of Fireplaces

The fireplace has always been a comforting and quite literal warm place for the family and friends to gather round during holidays, celebrations, or just plain cold weather.  They are a feel good spot to sit down and relax and can be a romantic spot to cuddle with your partner.  They have since gone beyond simply providing heat and are now a focal point to a living room and now appear even in homes that do not require heating. There are many styles and modern homes are jumping on the bandwagon with their unique takes on the traditional designs.  With the six modern fireplaces featured below, you can see how the styles have evolved so let’s take a look at how far the selection of available options has come in recent years.

Modern Lodge

This beautiful example sits in the home of an artist, fashion consultant, and designer, living in the Hollywood Hills.  The home is infused with great style and unique touches that make this rustic home meets modern bungalow possible.

modern lodge fireplaceOrtal

These styles are designed with a keen eye for the fashion conscious home owner.  They provide both warmth and style and go beyond traditional design.  Ortal models appear to fit many spaces and create a look that is modern, minimalist, and haute!

ortal fire placeRegency Horizon

This contemporary design appears as a picture on the wall.  It is a wonderful addition to any home with its sleek and wide form. It comes in several accessories and finishes.

regency horizon fireplaceBroadway Penthouse/Joel Sanders

This stunning penthouse has everything it needs.  It’s a spacious penthouse with a sprawling design and inviting space to host friends, family, and colleagues.  Little touches like a unique customized fireplace make all the difference in this modern dream.

joel sanders penthouse fireplaceRocal D-1o

The D-10 by Rocal is another modern option that features a chimney and is designed to come out of the wall.  It hangs from the ceiling as apposed to being mounted to the ground like a traditional version.  This is truly a unique design and come in many other sizes and geometric shapes and each is an investment in updating your home and taking it to the next level.

rocal fireplaceModern Moroccan

Modern design can take inspiration from past form.  This Moroccan inspired design lavishly displays a curvy outline and romantic lacy appeal.  The mantel includes warm colors and effortlessly blends the whole design together in one wonderfully delightful style.  This interior design will make you want to book the next flight to Marrakesh or at least book a room in one of the designer’s rental homes.

modern moroccan fire zone

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