So Toasty: 10 Brilliant Portable Fireplaces

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There’s nothing cozier and more inviting than a roaring fire in the dead of winter. Unfortunately, though, not all of us live in homes that came equipped with a full fireplace and chimney.  To the rescue, luckily, come a host of ethanol fireplace manufacturers, with portable glass structures capable of going practically anywhere in or around a home.  Whether you’re in the mood to gather friends around a flame on the back patio or place it in the living room for nightly ambience, there’s a design and a price point to fit your desire and budget.  And with eco-friendly ethanol fuel, the carbon emission is far lower, giving us a green alternative with the same old-fashioned result: a hearty, heated dose of seasonal warmth.  So, here’s today’s roundup of brilliant portable fireplaces, and if you happen to make some s’mores over one, be sure to remember who tipped you off.  For the record, we prefer dark chocolate over milk.  Enjoy!

10 Brilliant Portable Fireplaces


tabletop fireplace


ethanol fireplace


patio fireplace


Electrolux fireplace


portable glass fireplace


traveling fireplace


moveable fireplace


small portable fireplace


portable ethanol fireplaces


Piet fireplace found at Cavallius Design.

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