13 Decorative Living Room Layouts with Fireplace and TV

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A living room should be decorative, comfy, cozy and welcoming, especially in a family home. And two key elements to that comfy coziness are a warm fireplace to have crackling throughout the colder months and favorite movies.

Of course, when you have both kinds of focal points for one of the biggest spaces in your house, it can get confusing on what kind of design you’d like to build or situate. So, we’ve rounded up some beautiful living room layouts with fireplace and TV for your inspirational needs! Take a look!

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Another virtual depiction that we can’t help but share is this quaint nook that was turned into a rest and relaxation spot. The fire warms up the space and the TV sits to the side so that both focus points are within an arms reach. We also love the overall feel of this room, with its meshing of rustic charm and modern flair.

Rustic Living Room Layout with Fireplace and TV

We love the spacious feel of this contemporary, vacation-like escape. Between the chandelier and the more casual accents, the mix in styles certainly creates a hipster-friendly ethos that’s trending. Notice how the living area is set-up for face-to-face communication but your attention can easily be switched to viewing without hassle.

The accent wall is home to both the fireplace and television in this spacious resting spot. There’s a coziness to this room that some of its predecessors lack but there’s still a crispness and luxury vibe that makes us feel like whoever gets to enjoy this spot knows how lucky they are.

It’s not overly done or stylized either, which we love when it comes to creating family areas.

The tone of this room is inviting and quiet but the design is slick and sophisticated, The foundation is family-oriented but there’s not a fashionable detail missed. Everyone can cozy up on the couch and catch their favorite TV show.

Behind them the incredibly beautiful flames keeps them warm. Of course, this can also act as a romantic escape in the evenings, just pull up a chair or grab a ledge.

The real beauty of this living room are the large windows providing such amazing natural lighting and large illusions of extra space. We also love how the accent wall is also the visual point to the area, which includes the television and super sleek gas fireplace. It fits the room just perfectly without any bulky edges or distractions.

A more traditional living room in the family home style genre, the muted browns and chocolate shades create a comforting foundation. But when use your so much of this duller color, you have to pay attention to texture and details, which this room does. The leather, the rock wall which houses the television and the lighted side-shelves make for a more interesting design.

This room is spacious. If only we all had the luxurious of this amount of excess room, we’d have a much easier (and sometimes harder) time deciding on what to buy and decorate with. But when you do have this much to work with, you can get really creative.

For example, the center of this living room is a room partition which both the tv and fireplace fall into, making two resting spots rather than just one.

Large Living Room Design Ideas

A personal favorite from all of our picks today, this contemporary black and gold living room is more on the formal side, but it still has all the essentials you need for a cozy space. Again, the tv is located on the focal, accent wall – which is always a good choice and layout to use.

But, can we just shine a light on the beautiful, golden light fixture hanging in the center of the room, isn’t it beautiful?

Living Room Layout with Mounted TV above Fireplace

The hazy grey foundation this room is based on sets the premise for a subtle charm and a completely comfortable ambiance. There’s no way you wouldn’t want to settle in for a night when your living space looks this welcoming.

But it’s also got a textural, interesting style about it that makes it known that it was designed with fashion in mind but comfort at the forefront.

This is another traditional living space with a more subdued, and even a more masculine of styles. If you’re looking to create a room without anything “in your face” or harsh on the eyes, use this as a jumping off point.

The television is front and center without obstruction and is situated to blend right into the scenery, used with function in mind instead of artistry.

Decorator Styled Living Room with Fireplace and TV

This living room is absolutely swoon-worthy. From the delicate touches to the masculine infusions, the interest of this space explodes in every corner. We love how everything blends but also stands out on its own, and also uses every part of the room with style and ease.

Living Room Layout using Black and White Colors



This home has a bit of a studio apartment feel with its wide-open spaces. Instead of walls to divide up the rooms, the decorator has to get creative. And we love how the accent wall makes it easy to pick out where the cozying up has to happen.


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