Hasami Mirror by Fiam

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How do you use mirrors in your home? To fix your hair in the morning or to enhance your space? If you use mirrors for both function and style, get Hasami by Fiam. It comes in a circular and square form and is truly unique. It has slits on different sides which add to its beauty and character. They prevent it from being a regular, run-of-the-mill mirror. Hasami is designed by Paolo Rizzatto for Fiam and is a true representation of the unity between art and function.


Hasami Mirror by Fiam


Made from 6 mm thick curved silver-backed glass, the Hasami Mirror by Fiam is sturdy, stylish, and durable. It has an articulated stainless steel joint at its rear that allows it to be angled in different ways. You can use it in various rooms in your home to enhance the space. To make the most of its décor-uplifting potential, place it in a strategic location. Position it between two windows to maximize natural light and to create the illusion of a third window. Or make a statement by placing two mirrors on your bedside tables behind the lamps. They will improve the glow of the lamplights at night and create a stunning look.


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A mirror is a useful design element. It not only makes spaces look bigger, it reflects light and makes interiors brighter. Most of the time, it is a piece of art in its own right. Get Hasami and add function and fashion to your space.

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