Stunning Modern Mirrors

Finding A Stunning Modern Mirror

Modern mirrors are fun and whimsical and can add so much to the character of a room. Reflective surfaces have been around as long as pools of water have existed, but today’s roundup takes things to the next level. While most of us have a wall mirror behind the bathroom vanity and perhaps a floor-length mirror in the bedroom or closet, we have to admit they’re last on the list when it comes to furnishing or re-furnishing a space.

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The designers whose works are featured below obviously consider mirrors to be much more than an afterthought; behold the puzzle created by independent designer Emiliani Brinci, the eyepopping fractal mirror by Zuo and the mesmerizing wall of mirrors that snagged a coveted spot in Elle Decor.  Not to promote narcissism or anything, but in a home filled with mirrors like these, you might never leave the house.

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A Quick View of “THE” Most Popular Modern Mirrors
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Elegant Crystal Accent Circle Mirror

MUAUSU has been in the business of glass and mirror crafting for over 50 years. With an eye on customer satisfaction, MUAUSU is always striving to improve quality and establish a well-known brand within its industry. At their factories they have advanced equipment that allows them to produce high-quality decorative products at affordable prices for customers who want them all around their house—including bathrooms, kitchens, rooms with fireplaces etc., as well as those looking for something more elegant like mirrors or art pieces.

This acrylic modern wall mirror captures light and reflects it around your house. Thoughtfully designed to be both an art piece as well as a functional home accessory, this decorative crystal large decorative wall mirror is the perfect addition for any room of your choice!

This Large Crystal Decorative Wall Mirror from Acrylic Mirrors will capture all the detail in every image you take using its stunning frame that’s sturdy enough to last forever without breaking or showing signs of wear.

MUAUSU Round Decorative Wall Mirror - Elegant Crystal Accent Circle Mirrors Large Modern Luxury Diamond Fancy Silver Mirror 32

Gold Metal Edge Pivot Mirror

This contemporary Gold large 24″ by 36″ rectangle mirror is perfect for hundreds of styles and locations. Whether you are looking for a bathroom or powder room mirror, this designer piece will be the focal point that your space needs to complete it’s look. The modern rounded corner backset thick 1 inch frame holds the polished glass from two gold rotating brackets that mount flush with any wall in seconds without taking up too much floor space! With its thoughtful design, all those people concerned about where their kids’ hands might go can rest easy knowing they have nothing but solid backing behind them as well as protection on every side thanks to strong metal corners which also makes cleaning it an easier task than ever before!

Hamilton Hills Gold Metal Surrounded Round Pivot Mirror | Silver Backed Adjustable Moving & Tilting Wall Mirror Adjustable 24

Large Full Length Body Mirror

A mirror is one of the most important parts in a room. It can make or break an environment. That’s why it should be made from high-quality materials like iron to ensure its longevity and beautiful look for years to come – no matter what time you’re living in!

Shatter Resistant Glass

This premium glass is resistant against accidental shattering and will keep the spread of shards to a minimum, making your full-length wall mirror last longer even after it sustains damage. Not only does this add an extra layer of safety – you’ll be able to step back from mirrors with peace of mind!

Upland Oaks Large Full Length Body Mirror for Floor & Wall in Bedroom - Metal Frame - Big & Tall Long Mirror for Leaning - Full Length Wall Mirror Size 65

Zou Modern Mirror

Mirrored artwork with an elegant, modern finish. A collection of geometric mirrored pieces come together to create this cerebral art form that will fill up a wall and provide plenty of reflections from its surface. Large in scale – perfect for more casual environments like living spaces or bedrooms!

Key Features

  • Made of Mirrored Glass and Wood
  • Finished in Black with Clear Mirror
  • Mirrored segments are securely attached
  • Mounting hardware is not included

Zuo A12048 Mirror, One Size

The Roderick Copper Mirror

The Roderick Mirror is a stylish piece of wall art for any space. The steel frame and center mirror make it perfect to display in the living room or bedroom, but you can also use this decorative item as your personal vanity mirror!

Roderick Mirror Copper