Designer Jehs + Laub created the Jalise Bed for Interlubke with an interesting concept.  For centuries, hard and solid frames made from wood or metal always supported mattresses.  Across nearly every culture, country, and decade, very little has changed in bedroom design.  Until now, that is.  The Jalise fully embraces the idea of a soft, comfortable piece: all the way around.  This new, cohesive look revolutionizes what exactly a bed can look like.  Using a recessed frame support system, all of the stability of the bed is virtually invisible.


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Floating in Comfort & Style: The Jalise Bed by Interlubke


Rather than appearing heavy and solid, the Jalise Bed by Interlubke, truly seems to be floating a few inches above the ground like a futuristic hovercraft.  The frame isn’t the only star of the design, however.  The piece itself looks more like a mattress than a frame, balancing a sleek contemporary look with inviting comfort and throwing off all forms of past traditions.  The upholstered headboard and base feel effortlessly casual thanks to their rounded, overstuffed proportions and the single-piece form that flows so well.


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Once you choose your upholstery for the bed, the Jalise is finished with a white mattress topper for comfort unlike anything you’ve felt before in a wood frame design.  Jahs + Laub successfully defied tradition and created something completely innovative and contemporary without being overly complicated in any way.  You can have cutting edge design that simultaneously feels laid-back and casual with the Jalise Bed.  So go ahead: break the mold and love your bedroom with the Jalise.


Are you ready to relax your cares away in the Jalise?