Do you love the environment and constantly looking for ways to indulge your passion? Why not get the Divan Punto D’incontro  by Riva 1920? The bench was created by Riccardo Arbizzoni as part of ‘le briccole di venezia’ project. Riva 1920 asked 18 designers to create design items using this material and each one came up with a completely unique piece. The bench’s design consists of reused oak moorings obtained from Venice’s lagoon.


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Rustic Pleasure: Divan Punto D'incontro Bench by Riva 1920

hardwood bench design


The briccole is a major part of the Venetian scene; it rises out of the lagoon and is used for docking gondolas or as a beacon. However, it is usually replaced once corroded. Riva 1920 came up with a brilliant plan; to reuse the posts once their lagoon “life” is over. The Divan Punto D’incontro by Riva 1920 was birthed out of this project and goes beyond contemporary trends. It blends the use of natural elements with modernity and beauty at the highest level.


rustic design

bench from piece of wood


The divan punto d’incontro by Riva 1920 isn’t just a gorgeous furniture piece, it is also environmentally friendly. Thanks to the skilled work of Riccardo Arbizzoni, the wood’s life is renewed in a functional and stylish way. The bench is perfect for patios, unconventional waiting areas, and modern restaurants or cafes. Picture yourself sitting on the bench with your family or friends on a warm summer evening. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to end your day? This bench offers ample seating space where you can relax and interact in a carefree manner.


Wouldn’t you love to show your dedication to the environment with the Divan Punto D’ Incontro bench?