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When it comes to interior wall coverings, room dividers, sliding doors, and architectural panels, 3form is a leader in the field. Their “ecoresin” series lends itself to a variety of design concept from the high resolution of photo-realism to ultra thin slices of natural wood veneers which bring the beauty of nature to your living room. 3forms stance on the environment fuels their desire to make products from 40% recycled content while capturing vibrant colors, textures, and organic elements. The collection of resin wall panels and wall coverings include natural materials such as thinly sliced bamboo and hand-dyed silk fibers just to name a few. Here are some of the ecoresin wall panels that are quite capable of changing the look of you home or commercial environment.

Ecoresin Wall Panels, Doors, and Room Dividers from 3form

bamboo wall coverings and decorative interior panles ecoresin
 These make such a difference in the appearance of the environment and make a bold statement that may not require as much work to incorporate into an existing structure.

3 form ecoresin wall panels and wall coverings

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