10 Room Divider Curtains and Screens

From The Top Down Ten Hanging Room Divider Curtains and Screens

Creativity can be quite the premium when it comes to the matter of defining a space.  As modern architecture favors open floor plans and large common areas with little delineation between cooking, living and dining areas, sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands to control flow and function.

Enter the art of room dividers; they can double as art and pseudo-wall, lending a smidge of privacy without permanently disrupting the architecture of the structure in which it stands.

And for those who prefer a slightly airier, more open feel to their homes, hanging room dividers including room divider screens or room divider curtains are a perfect solution for an undefined space; that’s why we’ve rounded up some cool ones, ranging from opulent yet somehow organic capiz shells and laser-cut floral patterns to strong, geometric creations that couldn’t be more contemporary if they tried.

As you will see below, curtains can be a very effective way of separating a large space into smaller areas. This is not your hang it up with a few pins style of decorating, this is the elegant curtain room dividers that can be very impressive with a little thought and idea into what you are doing.

A little separation can do a lot of good, so here’s some inspiration. Take a look at a few other creative room dividers if you cannot find what you like here. We also have a few artful room dividers if they would suit you better.

A few more room divider ideas for you to browse through at your leisure.

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Kernorv Room Divider Screen

A stunningly designed room divider screen that is also environmentally friendly and made with safety in mind. No glue or toxic materials. A healthy room divider.

Hanging one by one to assemble and install through hooks and screws. If you don’t want to drill the ceiling, after assembling the screens, hang them on adhesive hooks or sticky wall hooks, which are also a very good way. It is also washable which will help to keep it looking like new.


10 Hanging Room Dividers



Lchen Room Divider Screen

Another stunning room divider screens design that will fit into any room and enhance its looks and feel. High quality materials including 12 white boards for hanging.

10 Hanging Room Dividers


Kernorv Picture Frame Room Divider Screen

A perfect room divider screen for memories. Add photos of friends or children into the frame for that extra special feeling. 48 frames to use in total so plenty of space for everyone.

This room divider is also environmentally friendly with no glue or toxic content.

This can also be made into a floor to ceiling room divider with a little thought into it.

10 Hanging Room Dividers


Yizunnu Room Divider Panels

A white room divider that is free from glue or toxic chemicals and comes in 12 panels for easy fitting. In white this lights up any room that it will be placed into.

Due to the use of panels this room divider screen would be perfect for studio apartments and small spaces as you can build it up in what ever width you prefer.

How To Make A Room Look Bigger


Ceiling Track Room Divider

heavyweight premium room divider in a large selection of colors for you too choose from. The simple design allows you to create privacy in minutes.

10 Hanging Room Dividers



Room Divider Curtain Partition

A choice of eight different colors to choose from with this polyester room divider curtain. Eight different widths and lengths to choose from.

10 Hanging Room Dividers


Privacy Room Divider Curtain

Five different colors to choose from and 7 different sizes. Makes a stunning privacy room when needed temporarily.

10 Hanging Room Dividers


Four Panel Custom Room Screen

This 4 panel room divider screen comes as one piece so is easy to move around to any place you need to use it. Excellent for those who need privacy on the odd occasion.

10 Hanging Room Dividers


Waterproof Room Divider

100% blackout liner making this a great room divider and blackout curtain for those who need both.

10 Hanging Room Dividers



Rare Flat Silver Ribbon Room Divider

100% polyester silver ribbon 110×110 inch wide and long. Perfect for separating a room without using a solid room divider.

10 Hanging Room Dividers

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