10 Creative Room Dividers

While open floor plans are great in theory, once executed, we can sometimes rethink our decision and wish we had more walls.  With increasing numbers of professionals working from home and/or bringing work home, not to mention a nearly unprecedented amount of people downsizing and simplifying their living spaces, a good room divider can mean the difference between sanity and madness.

Luckily, there’s no dearth of artful design out there, just waiting to help us transform portions of our homes (and, in some cases, offices) to help us compartmentalize our lives and keep the peace.

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Today’s roundup of creative room dividers has just the inspiration to set you on the way.

open room divider
Caos Room Divider by Emmemobili



wavy room divider
The Vertical Wave Divider by Susan Woods Studio



colorful room divider
The Butterfly Nomad Room Divider by Jaime Salm



mod room divider
Egawa and Zbryk Puzzle Screen



unique room dividers
The Old Planks Divider by Natsiq Outdoor



eames room divider
Herman Miller Eames Molded Plywood Folding Screen



oak room dividers
Oak 4-Panel Divider from Wooden Hands by David Hoyt



cool modular partition
The Buildable Cell Partition by Edelweiss Industrial Design Studio



fiberglass space divider
Fiberglass Bars Divider from Planetary Engineering Group



illuminated room divider

Caos room divider found at Emmemobili.

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