Shelving units come in different designs but none is as versatile as Build Modular Shelving from Movisi. The piece is designed by Jack Godrey Wood & Tom Ballhatchet and is truly striking. It is comprised of modular elements and requires no tools to install. The elements are connected by triangular clips and look like honeycombs when joined together. Build is an excellent choice for any home and can be used as a shelving unit, storage box, transport crate, seating, table, or room divider.

Build is characterized by single modular elements which provide an endless variety of configurations. It allows you to create different compositions whenever you want. You can use it as a standalone piece or mount it on the wall. The shelving unit adapts to your needs and is easy to install. You can configure it in a matter of minutes and perk up your home. Build is made from expanded polypropylene and is completely harmless. It is recyclable and does not contain any metal, glue, or hazardous material. It is easy to move from one area to another as each of its units weigh only 750 grams.

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The Build Modular Shelving from Movisi has a polished look and is a perfect display area for pieces of art and other treasures. You can subtract and add units to it as your needs change over time. The piece is waterproof and resistant to chemicals so you can easily wipe spills with a wet cloth. Where would you display your Build modular shelving?

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