In a design that revolves around balance, precision, and harmony, the does seem almost like a magician’s impossibility.  Designed by Mario Ferranini for Antonio Lupi, the Houdini Sink is carefully suspended by visual counterpoints and compliments of shape and raw material to create the illusion of weightlessness.  Though the final result looks like a precariously floating piece of magic craftsmanship, the Houdini is truly a solid design built on years of innovation and experience.


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A Magician’s Display: Houdini Sink by Antonio Lupi

suspended bathroom sink


From the bottom up of the Houdini Sink by Antoni Lupi , the entire sink counter and bowl support each other aesthetically.  A low wooden shelf serves as the base, its long and lean proportions anchoring the design and providing practical storage space.  Next, the contrasting glass base of the sink is the first visual juxtaposition of perpendicular lines.  Its slender look belies the engineered placement that comfortably bears the weight of the counter surface above.  In either wood or glass, the counter sits higher than the shelf in a formal example of dependency between design elements.


unusual bathroom furniture

Houdini sink


The glass version of the countertop has an extreme milled edge to appear even less substantial than it really is in either the rectangular or winged shape.  Chromed hardware and plumbing are barely visible, allowing the lines of the Houdini to command attention.  The interplay between the materials; wood and glass, and the forms; vertical and horizontal, perpendicular and parallel, create the harmony that looks as beautiful and interesting as it seems impossible.  That is the beauty of the illusion.


Are you ready to embrace the magic of the Houdini sink?