Contemporary Wall Units – 15 Fabulous Ideas and Designs

15 Stunning Wall Units Ideas For 2021

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From shelving systems to entertainment centers or combination designs, wall units are made for function, organization and, of course, style. If you’re envisioning a chic and simplified living room, then these pieces are something you should get inspired by and choose to use in your own home.

There is plenty of versatility when it comes to enjoying a design as such, you just need the right type of space to make it work and utilize it to its fullest potential.

These contemporary wall units cover 15 fabulous ideas and designs that would do wonders for enhancing a living space in your home while providing a functional area for organization.

Clean-edges and sleek finishes, this black laquered accent and shelving system creates beautiful, classic contrast on the white wall but also a fun compliment to the wooden system piece lining the floor.

It create texture and interest on the wall while providing room to display and organize, so if a television was nearby, it could instantly become a place for media needs as well.

There’s a youthful and funky appeal to this system that we find extremely charming. It’s a mixing and matching type of vibe from the shining, black cabinet structure to the entertainment center floating above the floor’s piece, it’s an asymmetric look that provides accent, organization usage and some modernized eclecticism too.

This design is noteworthy for a host of different reasons. Instead of a horizontal foundation, this piece stands tall in a vertical sense with funky shelves placed atop.

The non-traditional setting provides enough personality and functionality to make it work inside a variety of homes from ultra modern to youthful and playful too.

Here’s a more subdued, yet still contemporary, example that does a lot more than just hold a television. It helps to transform a traditional living room into something much more fashion-forward and trendy while providing plenty of room to hiding away necessities, displaying home accents with ease and giving the right amount of interest on the walls while staying within the chic and sophisticated confines of your vision.

Although we love the edition of the cranberry-blocked shelves complimentary to the white unite, our focus is on the biggest piece. There’s a spot to hold the TV, making it the focus of the family room, but the sleek finish of the white system helps to add a punch of chicness to a room with a more casual and relaxed vibe. Of course, we also love the accents styling the piece too, these type of shelves are so easy to accessorize.

This storage is fashion-forward in every sense of the word but because of its natural wood finish it also works within a more traditional home. The mixture of sizes and shapes gives a stylish appeal to an otherwise bland and boring wall, while also providing room for accessorizing and displaying some beautiful home accessories.

This is a great example of how an accent wall doesn’t need to be a textural statement or a bold, harsh tone.

sleek modern wall units

We are in love with this modern, multi-piece system. Black and white is always a classic and timeless choice and that’s just one benefit to going with a design such as this.

There are cabinets that not only act as storage but also floating shelves you can easily personalize. And there’s even and chic “frame” to hold your television right in the middle with a no-fuss, easy finish.

square wall mounted wall unit

Here’s a contemporary and sophisticated idea that has a bit of traditionalism wrapped up inside. Wooden texture and lacquered black creates a fun pairing in your bedroom or living area.

There’s an overlapping accent that provides an artistic nuance that we love, giving it a unique and personalized touch to any area you decide to use it in.

Easy and more subdued due to its charcoal color, grays are the trendiest neutral in the fashion and interior design world. And this system has a very eclectic and hipster flair attached to its modern style.

Add a pop of mustard to this set and you’ve got a picture perfect space for you and any design magazine around. But more important this entire system, with its deep gray and creamy white color blocking truly provides all the benefits we’d want in a wall unit.

Although still very modern, this example is a bit more traditional in its design. The black, shining lacquered finish and silver hardware keep in within the confines of what we think of contemporary, home style but it’s placement and pieces give us a very easy, entertainment space.

There’s a spot for all of your necessities and room here and there to add your own personal touches and accessories too.

This is probably my personal favorite from the entire bunch because of it’s shaping and design, but also it’s styling. The wood pieces pop right off the charcoal wall and the white extras provide just the right amount of delicacy and charm to keep it sweet.

There’s so many ways to utilize every nook and cranny of this unit that you can truly get creative with styling and organizing it.

These floating shelves create such a fun and contemporary design inside this living room. They work well, although bulky, because of the openness and brightness of the room – they even compliment and coincide with the area rug.

But it’s deep camel colors and eggshell compliment give it a more unique, modern flavoring and not what we usually expect from this style genre.

Large and powerful, this shelving system calls for a very open room and larger wall to do it justice. Its placement and breath make it a very bold choice, although its lighter tone keep it family-friendly and inviting in spirit. Again, the mixture of gray and camel tones create a unique combination and interesting presence.

This storage unit is unique because of it’s textural combination. There’s a white, slick lacquered finish and there’s a rougher, more organize charcoal finish that makes for a much more interesting style than staying with one theme or the other. And pay attention to its size, it’s smaller than it’s predecessors but still provides the same type of benefits.

Brighten your own with a unit that can accessorize but keep it chic. This unit heightens and elongates your wall by adding style and interest with its crisp white and navy combination.

There’s shelf space to style and accessorize and there’s even more uses than to just display. You can organize your media or even use a unit as such in a home office or crafting space.

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