black candelabra
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Let’s face it: when you hear the word “candelabra,” you probably think of either the interior of a church or an overwrought piece of metalwork in a feminine space.  Generally speaking, there’s nothing particularly masculine about the art of candle display… but after a little digging, we’ve found some candelabra designs that are downright manly.  From sturdy wooden Danish creations dating back to the 1960s all the way to ultramodern minimalist designs rendered from thin arcs of metal, the images in today’s roundup are strikingly stark, interesting, and most importantly of all, dude-approved.

10 Masculine Candelabra Designs


torch shaped candelabra


danish modern candelabra


minimalist candelabra


modern silver candelabra


large simple candelabra


branch candelabra


fireplace candelabra


cool candle lamp


vintage wood and brass candelabra



1960s candelabra found at Dansk.