To me personally , nothing says I love you more than a sleek coffee machine (okay diamonds will do too) since the coffee connoisseur inside me is always on a look out for new and technologically enhanced coffee machines. The Bosch VeroBar 100 Coffee Machine is made of stuff coffee fanatics dream off and boasts of top class engineering and a sophisticated form factor. The machine features an integrated adjustable ceramic grinder and an unique SensoFlow heat and AromaPressure systems which ensures quality. Those who like their coffee strong and dark can make use of the Aroma Double Shot which will make cure that your coffee packs a punch. Some other features found on the Bosch VeroBar coffee machine include; 15-bar pressure pump, two-cup option, special cream unit with milk nozzle, one-touch cappuccino and latte macchiato functions, height adjustable coffee spout, programmable language and a water filter change indicator.

Bosch VeroBar 100 Coffee Machine