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Created by the Japanese designer, Kazuhiro Yamanaka for Pallucco, Italy, Breeze Grande is a chest of drawers that embodies the designer’s philosophy of the ensemble blending harmoniously with the space surrounding it.


Breeze Grande Storage Console

red storage unit design


The Storage Console by Palluco, with a gentle wave adorning the front face, is a self-supporting horizontal storage unit, which with its asymmetric grace stands firmly on sturdy steel frames lending a dynamic contrast to the surroundings. Furnished with a pull down door and an opening system with gas pistons, Breeze Grande uses latest technology for easy and buttery smooth operation. Available in matt lacquered white, aluminum grey and red and high gloss lacquered white or red, with the panel inside the handle and the drawer fronts lacquered white or blue, this furniture system displays generous multifariousness as far as the finishes are concerned. Well-suited for a new age, contemporary set-up, the chest of drawers is adequately equipped to adapt to the requirements of any type of space usage.


Breeze Grande chest of drawers


The Breeze Grande Storage Console symbolizes an imaginative facet, which winds up and augments the assemblage of Breeze horizontal and self-supporting storage units. With this one adorning your space you can be guaranteed about sleek contemporary aesthetics going hand in hand with first-rate functionality. What room will you make a stir with the Breeze Grande Storage Console