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Decorating a home is not an easy task, and options for furniture can be overwhelming. When looking for a piece that will instantly command people’s attention, get the Carbon Orbit Side Table by Orange 22. It is the masterpiece of Dario Antonioni who was inspired by aerospace and aviation. The designer’s love for aviation began at the age of 10 when he constructed his very first model airplane. Some of his famous pieces are influenced by aviation and aerospace. This time around, he has utilized modern technology to create a sturdy and lightweight furniture piece made entirely of carbon fiber. Each piece of furniture is made in California by experienced engineers who build space rockets and military aircraft.

Carbon Orbit Side Table looks more like a section of a plane than a piece of furniture. It comes in two unique versions: a smaller version that looks like the rear end of a helicopter and a bigger version that looks like helicopter wings in motion. The big table is large and can be used also for dining. The smaller one can be used to hold books, a flower vase, keys, or electronic gadgets.

The Carbon Orbit Side Table by Orange 22 comes in black, white, red, gray, and gold. It will inject your home with style and become the focal point of conversations. It has a striking design that draws every eye to itself. Get it for your home and add a rare aeronautical touch. Can you envision a more innovative design than the Carbon Orbit Side Table?