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Swedish design group Front, established in 2003 by partners Anna Lindgren, Sofia Lagerkvist, and Charlotte von der Lancken, have come up with the marvelous 3 Table, designed for Porro, a renowned Italian brand, that dwells on the philosophy of constant innovation whilst engendering products with clear and simple designs.


The 3 Table by Porro


The accent furniture by Porro is an ensemble that cavorts on serendipitous maneuvers and fine finishes. Designed as a hinged table with black metal legs, incorporating an oval black back-painted glass top in addition to a round and a square one in lauro preto wood, it has been crafted with a generous aesthetic appeal. The ensemble also incorporates invisible chains that link the three tops and enable an opening and closing alternative, making this sculptural masterpiece adapt itself to the spatial and functional needs of any space. Measuring L. 120 x H. 36.5 x D. 90 cm when closed and L. 170 x H. 36.5 x D. 90 cm when fully open, the table stands well proportioned in both its forms.


extensible multi shaped accent furniture


Inspired from the movement of planets, the 3 from Porro exhibits this quality as the oval and square table tops whirl around the round one, that stays stationary in the centre. Each of the singular tops can also turn on itself making it a versatile piece. This splendid piece of furniture accessory by Porro, has raised the bar in terms of furniture versatility and adaptability to purpose, consequently making 3 furniture an ensemble, the most functional piece that you will probably lay your hands on.