Build a Garden Shed

Buying or Building a Shed DIY or Buy

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Want to know about the pros and cons of buying and building sheds? Here you will get all the information about sheds and the guide.

Almost everyone I know who has a garden has a garden shed in it. Many are there purely for the tools that they need to look after the garden, especially in the spring and summer months. But not all. My garden shed is used for several things, including bike maintenance.

We have around 5 bikes to look after and I have several tools to do this. Cycling is also my hobby, so a decent sized shed is required to put the bikes in when winter comes. I still need to get in there to do other things, so our aim was to have a good sized shed that could be used for several things, and a lean too for summer so that the bikes were not always in the shed.

Sheds are an excellent option for your garden, as you need to store some belonging and tools. Choosing the right size of a garden shed is important, as once you have built it, it would be hard to make any more improvements. Make sure you consider exactly what you want to put into your shed. Plan wisely for a bigger rather than a smaller shed so you will not be disappointed.

You want to have a shed but can not decide whether to buy or build it? Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. It depends on you, your skill, and your needs as you may choose one option over the other. You should also consider that depending on the size of your shed, and where you live, you may need planning permission.

The last thing you want is to build a shed and some months later you receive a letter telling you to take it down as you do not have planning permission.

When you are going to build or buy a shed, you need to be aware of its pros and cons. Below, I have explained and highlighted the good and bad of building or buying a shed.

Pros and Cons of Building A Shed


  • You can enjoy the procedure while building it.
  • You have complete control over your project.
  • Custom-built only for you.
  • Less expensive.
  • There are many cheap building a shed plans out there to buy

One reason property owners love to do DIY works is that they enjoy building new things. Nowadays, DIY (do it yourself) becoming more popular among people. When you are going to make a shed, you have complete control over the project.

You can choose designs and customize options for sheds like benches, hooks, shelves, lofts, windows, and more. You can build that shed as per your needs and choices. You can save your money and do the work according to your schedule.


  • Requires knowledge and significant skill in construction
  • Require tools and materials
  • No warranty for your mistake
  • Need help when you are building
  • Takes time and energy

However, building your garden shed project is fun to do, but you need to know about construction details as you are making it from scratch. Be well equipped with the required materials and tools. If you are not sure about building a shed, then you should skip doing it. A poorly constructed shed may not hold on to extreme weather as it can collapse. As a result, it can cost you, and you can even harm yourself or someone else.

If something goes wrong when doing this project, start that step all over again. If you are thinking about building a large shed, then it will be more challenging to create. Calculate everything when you are going to make one. You need to figure out all building codes and bylaws as you can not stand an illegal building that is not covered with insurance.

Pros and Cons of Buying A Shed


  • Endless options, sizes, designs, and styles to choose
  • Relaxing process
  • High-quality materials and warranty
  • You do not need to go internet hunting for building a shed plans

Many homeowners prefer to purchase a pre-built shed. When you are going to buy a shed, you have multiple options to choose from. You can choose the wood, vinyl, or materials of the shed. You can choose a small or large shed that is even bigger than your garage.

You can select a custom option that will charge you some fee, but that will be the best suit for your backyard. You will get a warranty for this product, no need to worry about additional fees or repair costs.

Once you have picked the shed, all you need to do is wait to arrive, and you can use it. Many shed builders often provide delivery services, so you do not need to waste any time on that.


  • Can be expensive
  • No creative control over the project
  • It may not have that many custom features like DIY sheds

When you choose to buy a shed over building one, then you need to pay more. The cost often covers higher-quality materials used and quality craftsmanship and delivery. You will not get on the experience of creating the project as you may lose some custom features that you wanted to give. You can still customize, but the options are limited when you get your shed.

Things You Need to Do to Build Garden Shed

You need to make a plan when you are taking steps to build your garden shed. Some basic things for sheds like size, what type of building you want, and the materials. These DIY shed building plans are available on the internet and home improvement stores that provide a comprehensive checklist of materials and detailed explanations of the steps that are involved in the construction.

For building materials, you may need a lot of lumber like 2x4s, 4x4s, 2x8s, and many other pieces for the joists, skid, rafters, beams, and other parts for the frame. It is essential to use pressure-treated lumber, especially for the walls and the walls bottom plate.

This lumber helps to make the surface resistant to decay and insect infestation. Use sheets of plywood for wooden floors and for plywood siding for the walls. For this project, you will require lots of nails, hinges, and other types of hardware.

For roofing material, you may choose roof underlay, wood sheathing, and durable cladding material like corrugated iron or asphalt shingles for the exterior. For the drip edges, you need metal pieces or flashing. You will also require tools such as a hammer, saw, framing square, screwdriver, measuring tape, line, stakes, and level.

Is it Cheaper to Build or Buy Shed?

It is cheaper to build the shed for your garden. You can save at least 40 to 60% of your dollars. But making sheds is not that easy, as you need to have skills in doing craftsman works. You need to cut down parts, and it will take a longer time if you do it on your own, instead of looking around making a plan of expenses and the best budget to create a perfectly durable shed.

When you buy from a retailer, there will be extra benefits like warranty, durable and you will not need to waste your time and energy. But it is much costlier than DIY builds. However, if you are experienced and have all the tools, then it’s best to make a schedule to make the shed completely.