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Primp and prepare for an evening of luxury, or just another day of work, in front of a bathroom vanity that is glamorous enough for any occasion.  The Opera bathroom collection from Busatto Classic Italian Furniture is elegant yet modern, Baroque Italian with a streamlined effect thanks to the careful styling from the Busatto team of craftsmen.

Each vanity is designed to look like a dresser chest of drawers, with an integrated sink that blends in seamlessly.  Offered with full doors or drawers the vanity has a significant presence with bombé-style curves and ornate hardware.  For a lightweight look, ideal for smaller bathrooms to keep the room from appearing cramped, a single drawer style conceals just the sink basin on curved legs with an open look.

The vanity is incomplete, however, without a mirror to help you dress for the occasion.  The Opera bathroom collection by Busatto Classic Furniture has a range of mirrors to complement the vanity bases, from traditionally ornate to a more contemporary square.  The different shapes are all finished with quality details in design and frame that add depth and beauty to this luxurious collection.  When you want to dress for an evening out, or just for a successful day, an elegant bathroom like the Opera will inspire you to put your best foot forward as stylishly as possible.  Elevate the level of glamour in your life with a bathroom collection that makes you feel pampered just by walking through the door.  How will you dress to match the elegance of the Opera bathroom collection?

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