In a world filled with technology, synthetics and futuristic design galore, a return to the simpler things can be not only refreshing, but soul-soothing too.  That’s why we’re generally suckers these days for artfully crafted, architecturally credible pieces that call the basics to mind without being too overt or fussy. Take Anthropologie’s nature-inspired bed called “Forest Canopy,” for instance.  It’s handcrafted from an iron base, made to look like tree branches forming a bed frame.  There’s something sort of primordial, gothic and timeless about it all at once, which is admittedly an assembly of adjectives that don’t always find their way to one another in such a trio.  Standing 84 inches tall, each rendering of this canopy bed is absolutely unique; naturally enough, its handmade nature keeps any two from being exactly alike.  Paired with ultra-feminine yet basic fluffy, soft white sheets, pillows and duvets, the juxtaposition of dark and light, tough and soft comes together to create a visually compelling combination.  True to form, the bohemian brand’s ethereal sensibilities are perfectly reflected in this conversation-worthy piece.  The sublime black frame itself sells for $5300-$5600 depending on size. Delivery generally takes 3-4 weeks.

The Forest Canopy Frame from Anthropologie

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