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From time to time, when life gets just a bit too hectic, we long for simpler times.  Whether we grew up on a farm, in the suburbs or in apartment high in the sky in the big, big city, there’s something calming about a pastoral, natural setting that recalls easier days.  Rarely do we have time to lie in the grass, stare up at the sky and watch the clouds pass, much less stop and smell the roses in our daily lives, but there’s no reason we can’t at least strive for the appearance of the simple life through gorgeous rural furnishings like the rustic beds in today’s roundup.  Apple pie, pigtails and lemonade stand not included.

rustic beds
DIY Reclaimed Doors Headboard via Style-Files



rustic bed
Timber Night Bed from Ign Design



rustic furniture
The Heritage VI Bed from Hitch Exclusives



cool rustic beds
Slab Bed with Detached Headboard from Ign Design



cool rustic bed
Rustic Box Bed via Elle Decor



rustic storage bed
Pine Plank Bed from Bison Furniture



rustic log bed
Log Bed from Mountain Woods Furniture



unique wood bed
Juniper Bed from Woodland Creek



juniper wood bed
Juniper Bed from AWL Western Wood



classic wood canopy bed
Canopy Bed by Lombok