How to Beautify Your Unused Fireplace in 2021

Looking Good With An Electric Fireplace

Decorating your home can be a wonderful experience.  Although learning what design challenges of your home to live with, your unused fireplace shouldn’t be a difficult decision.  There are several decorative ideas you can implement in order to keep it as the beautiful focal point within your home instead of a dreaded tolerance to the space.  These tips are completely simple that will help you to enjoy your fireplace in the off season and will add visual beauty to your home!

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Creative decorative display and function:

Use your unused fireplace as a stand of decoration.  You can dress it up with your own personalized style.  Have it display your favorite art pieces, accent pieces, floral arrangements, etc.  Start with the mantle because it is a great place for you to explore and bring in different elements of textures with depth and height that will enhance the scene that you and others would like to see. Make your fireplace a storage unit for your books, artificial logs, collectible, heirlooms, even plants etc.  Just thoroughly clean the inside of the fireplace and paint it if you like.  Let the paint dry or the clean solvent clear up and begin storing your items in it.  Not only will this add variety and difference to the space but also a place for you to keep your extras.

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Concealing your fireplace:

If you believe that you fireplace would be better concealed, then that is fine as well? One way to go about it is to get some plywood and board up the firebox then paint over the plywood.  After the process has dried add some artwork in front of it or sculptures or a decorative screen.  Also, try putting some decorative tile or metal around the fireplace surrounding the covered area.  It will help the fireplace to remain the focal point within the home.

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Use seasonal decorations:

Traditionally the fireplace mantel is decorated the same as a front door during the holidays.  In that case continue on with this idea for your fireplace.  With the ever changing colors and flavors that each season or holiday brings have that inspire your fireplace. Such as; autumn leaves, branches, and pumpkins during the fall or holly, fresh evergreen for Christmas. Just take a look inside some home decorating magazines or even a walk around your neighborhood can spark some ideas. Fireplaces offer so much to a home. So it can be a little sad and annoying having one in your home that does not work and is adding absolutely nothing but a nuisance.  But there are ways to make your fireplace functional and happy again. Just take a look at these tips above and try them out with your own unused fireplace!