There are many ways you can update your home’s interiors. One great way is by incorporating reflectance of light and mirrors into your decor are just the answer. Such piece can give a room a fresh new look and enhance its overall atmosphere. When looking for the perfect mirror, the Dream mirror by Gallotti & Radice makes an excellent addition into your decor. Transparent, light, and pure of expression, this is a sculpture with a strong personality. Created by Ricardo Bello Dias, it is the winning combination of balance, fine craftsmanship, and modern design. This sophisticated mirror meets the design needs of a discerning homeowner. It the best idea to make a statement in a living room, entryway, bathroom, or bedroom.  In some ways it reminds me of a precious stone such as a diamond with all of its facets.


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Dream Mirror by Gallotti and Radice


The Dream mirror by Gallotti & Radice has an octagonal central piece and a frame comprised of 40 pieces inclined at various angles. The smaller inclined mirrors help to create an enhanced light reflection. The design is hand polished and comes in two sizes. You can use it in a dark room to bounce natural light to different areas and to brighten up the space.


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If you have limited space, you can use the mirror to reflect items from one part of the room and to increase depth and dimension within the space.  Whether you’re looking for a decorative design, a practical mirror, or one that combines the two elements, the Dream mirror is a superb choice.  This piece is beautiful and versatile. It will not only brighten up dull rooms, it will also create the illusion of space and add beauty and style.

Can you think of a better way to bring reflectance into your interiors than the Dream?