10 Solid Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet ideas with Pictures

It’s hard to go wrong with a solid stainless steel kitchen faucet when you look to replace or update hardware in your home.  Having recently done this myself, I can report how expensive these can be and how many brand and style choices there are in the retail market.  We have ten great ideas with pictures to assist you as you are thinking about what works best in your space.  Even if you have decided on the finish, there are many other options to consider.   How many handles and knobs do you want?  There can be just one or extra knobs to control the hot and cold water.  Many people prefer one that extends to help them clean dishes or fill up pots for cooking.  Size is a big factor as well.  It may depend on how large the sink is or how much space there is from the wall.  Let’s take a look at some examples and dig a little further for inspiration.

solid stainless steel kitchen faucet single handle

This is a nice traditional example that does not have a lot of design flair, but gets the job done.  One might think this to be a bit minimal and not dressed up, but it suits the style of this kitchen.

wall mounted faucet over stove top

Now a wall mounted model is an interesting choice.  We included it in this list as a comparison just to think over.    This could be situated over a stove also as you can see the pot below.  If you do a lot of cooking, this can be a handy addition.

Kitchen faucet with red accent coloring

How about a bit of color?  In this suggestion, red offers some color relief from the gray counter top and off white cabinetry.

extending kitchen hardware above sink

white accent sink accessory with handle

gray and stainless steel kitchen faucet

You can see how the wand can come out of this and therefore give extra reach for cleaning and rinsing.  It’s an important consideration when shopping to think if having that extra distance fits your lifestyle.

modern water technology for the home

This futuristic concept would not be right for many active families, but would go well in a small apartment or flat.  Children would likely not do well with this.

deep stainless kitchen sink for cooks

back splash design in new home

slim design kitchen hardware in metal