Arts and Crafts Kitchen by Pedini: Designed to Impress

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Alfredo Zangiaro is the brains behind the stunning Arts and Crafts Kitchen. He was inspired by vintage and modern elements when creating the masterpiece. The designer takes minimalism to a whole new level by merging different rustic and modern materials. He mixes wall-mounted modules with self-supporting ones to create a perfect, cohesive composition. Arts and Crafts offers less concealed storage than other modern kitchens but provides enough room for everything. It is both functionally and aesthetically cutting-edge.


Arts and Crafts Kitchen by Pedini

innovative kitchen design


The Arts and Crafts Kitchen by Pedini has everything you need to beautify and simplify your life. It blends the best of Italian design with top-notch manufacturing processes. It is comprised of versatile elements which adapt easily to your lifestyle. Its smooth worktops create a useful work surface where you can make anything from simple snacks to five course meals. Arts and Crafts pays homage to traditional materials. It is made up of many wooden units with a natural finish. Their visible grain makes them outstanding features in any kitchen.


minimalist kitchen design

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Modern kitchens have clean lines, sleek surfaces, and minimalist details. Such is the case with the Arts and Crafts Kitchen. It has a brand-new style that redefines spaces and creates a connection between the kitchen and living room. It produces a streamlined look you’ll be hard pressed to find in another kitchen. It will make your kitchen the heart of your home, a place you enjoy spending time in.

Why settle for form and function when you can get so much more from the Arts and Crafts Kitchen?