Alphabet Side Tables by Andrew Martin 1
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With 10 showrooms on several continents, UK-based design powerhouse Andrew Martin is anything but shy with its aggressive approach to décor and distribution.  In particular, its alphabet side tables – really, it’s not easy to make the ABC’s look edgy and industrial rather than whimsical and childlike, but the brand pulls it off with ease in its metal series of capital letters presented as end tables in varying sizes (depending on each individual letter).  The average table in the collection has dimensions in the neighborhood of 45 cm in height and 50 cm in depth.  Interestingly, although the design house’s site has a shopping cart function, instead of simply purchasing items from the online showroom, clients are encouraged to send an inquiry and allow a stockist or showroom to provide custom details.  Sort of lends itself to the esoteric, underground feel of the brand, we suppose.


Alphabet Side Tables by Andrew Martin  alphabet side tables design