5 Small Entertainment Centers With Functionality and Style

Sometimes it’s an absolute challenge, finding the perfect entertainment center for your home. It’s got to not only fit the spot, but it has to have the storage to actually function too. But, most importantly, it’s got to have style.  The times have changed with the size of televisions becoming so large and often being mounted on the wall.  There is still a need for an organizational piece to place game consoles, DVDs and other media objects.  One thing you can do is look at small entertainment centers.  This way you can still mount a TV on the wall should you choose while still having that piece of furniture underneath or nearby.  I think that the full wall large scale models are not used much anymore, but small entertainment centers have a purpose and a place in many living room settings.  Here are five products our editors identified.  These range in various sizes, but our hope is that it will give you ideas about your own living space.

dCor Granville TV Stand via All Modern


small entertainment centers

Coming in deep black and warm cinnamon, this small entertainment centers not only have a slick, posh appeal but they’ve got the space to fit all your boxes, game consoles and even some extra storage for any blu rays and DVDS. At a price point that allows a larger range of people to buy it, this rather inexpensive piece is a great way to create a chicer living room for the family.

Fung TV Stand via Pier 1

Black Modern Entertainment Center

Snatch this beauty up soon as it’s on sale now! Dressed in black with a bit of an Asian twist, this entertainment center has space for a variety of your needs, including loads of movie and game storage! Sit your TV atop this piece and have the slopes accent it beautifully.

Terna Valley Module via Wayfair


Black Modern Entertainment Center

If your budget is slightly larger, you may want to go with this bigger bundle. It’s sharp and contemporary. It’s slick and posh. But, it also has ample storage for all your organization and hiding technique. Keep your walls smooth with a smoother furniture piece.  In this version the shelf is optional.  If the TV is too larger this placement will not work.  It is still in good taste though to place the shelf at another spot on the wall. This way the shelf matches the small entertainment center and can still provide an accent on the wall along with added storage.

Windham Media Cabinet via Target

Yellow Modern Entertainment Center

Need something a bit more dainty and vivacious? Try out Target’s Windham media, coming in a variety of colors, including this sunshiney yellow, it’s the perfect piece for to top off a smaller, homey living room. It too has lots of space to hold all of your accessories and necessities.

Alba Credenza via CB2

Yellow Modern Entertainment Center

A more outside-the-box choice, this storage piece is an easy A+ in both style and functionality. It’s design-worthy and it’ll hold well in a room that’s well within the modern, contemporary genre. It even adds a bit of an urban, hipster vibe so eclectic pieces would be a great asset to this type of ethos.