Elements such as wainscot and doors like these from Turri of Italy add those extra touches that can make a home spectacular and set it apart from every other house in the neighborhood.   I have found myself guilty of having not paid close enough attention to those elements and then later ponder a replacement strategy.   The suggestions from our editors today are just wonderful in detail and construction.  Take a look and see what is in store for readers.
Custom Doors by Turri of Italy

The double doors pictured above show their Italian influence in color, style and design.  Yellow seems like a bold color choice, but pairs wonderfully with the marble floors with the darker inlay.  The wainscot is a perfect match to the doors.  Take a look at the little element at the bottom which is somewhat like the shape of a triangle which goes down to the floor.  That is a nice and subtle geometric touch.  Installing the wall sconces inside the paneling looks great too.

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Use of Wainscot in a Lovely Home

What a great feminine touch the glass pattern makes.  The small squares are classic and work so well with the small foyer.  Again yellow was the color choice along with gold handles.

This example is more regal and less contemporary in nature with a definite old French influence.  There is wonderful detailing here with the small engraving on the white surface.  Notice too the small add ons right near bottom on each side of the frame.

We are certainly into custom work here and it is a safe guess that the owner’s last name begins with the letter “S”.  Perhaps, these doors are too much for many of our fans, but it is a great example to show.  The pattern on the glass is very intriguing and unusual and would have great curb appeal for guests.

Julius Ceasar inspired door

Wainscot is most often used as a British term for wood paneling and inlay.  Here you can see a great use of it in the above living room created by Turri of Italy.   The nice thing about this technique is that it becomes one look throughout the walls and storage can be easily integrated into the overall plan.

French Boiserie in a Living Room

This picture is great as you can see the French inspired Boiserie very clearly in the dark stain with gold trimming.   All of the furnishings in this floor plan reflect a bold and royal look to them as was clearly intended by the decorator.