Pegasus JR 6880 Chair by Jori 1
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The word “Pegasus” immediately conjures up images of the flying horse from Greek mythology and is a symbol of beauty and grace. The Pegasus JR-6880 Chair by Jori also stays true to its namesake and appeases with its sculputuristic presence and thoughtful styling. Designed by Jean-Pierre Audebert, the plush lounge chair is available in a wide array of versions and the dramatic back can be ordered in shapes like  asymmetrical, straight, high or low. The Pegasus JR-6880 is one of the most ergonomically designed chairs that I have come across, and Jori aptly describes it as “high-class, leather, contemporary seating units,”.

Pegasus JR 6880 Chair by Jori 2
Pegasus JR 6880 Chair by Jori 3