modern sleeper sofa
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Houseguests are as essential to the holiday season as nearly any other part of it, filling our homes with longstanding friendships and family bonds.  For better or worse, we spend an intense amount of time with the people closest to us more in December than any other time of year, and we most certainly ought to have comfortable accommodations for them.  For those of us without entire guest rooms to dedicate to the cause, the retro classic known as the “sleeper sofa” is still available in full force, just in updated fabrics, finishes and styles.  Although the infrastructure doesn’t allow for much creativity in terms of design, the folks behind this curation of ten modern sleeper sofas all stuck to classic, simple lines and sumptuous upholstery.  Pick up one of these and bake a batch of cookies, and we’ll pack our bags and be right over.

10 Modern Sleeper Sofas


minimalist sleeper sofa


simple sleeper sofa

cute sleeper sofa

pull-out sofas

sleep couch

sleeper sectional

modern sleeper sofas

pullout couch

sleep sofa


Bensen sleeper sofa found at Viesso.

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