When it comes to shower head rain, this is where you can treat yourself to luxury. A close friend of mine was telling me how she wants to remodel her bathroom. She has been in her house for ten years and rarely uses her garden tub. Her plans are to rip out the garden tub and put in a luxury shower. Her reasoning was that the shower would get used all the time, whereas the garden tub sits idle. I was asked what I thought about her idea. Her concern was whether or not it would hurt her chances to sell the property in the future. I responded that my belief is that it will not hurt the chances to sell. Many people do not use their garden tubs that often. I did caution that the shower would have to be nice to win buyers over with the new bathroom concept. Though a garden tub is on our “mental checklist” of house needs, when you really think about it shower head rain in a luxury bathroom setting has its own appeal.

Shower Head Rain

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