Splinter Works markets its creations as “Functional Sculptures” and one look at their impressive repertoire, and we know they are not exaggerating. Blurring the boundaries between functional design and art, all creations by Splinter Works assuages the monotonous without sacrificing its  primordial properties. Their unique design perspective is seen in all their products and some of the more notable works are the “Tipping Point”, “Tipsy” and “Dime Two”.

The “Tipping Point” re-imagines the modern kitchen and is nothing short of a stunning sculpture. It highlights includes the  mirror-polished stainless steel surface which contrasts beautifully with the warmth of walnut cabinetry. The dichotomy of two opposing materials makes it stand apart from the rest of the clique. With the curved “Tipsy”, Splinter Works reinterprets the mini-bar by using carbon fiber as primary material and going the non-linear route. Then there is the “Dime Two” which is a  semi-circular blade of rosewood mounted on wall and gives an illusion of it floating in air. Made from carbon fiber, Santos rosewood veneer and silver leaf, only 24 pieces of Dime Two will be available.

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